General Information

Pecca Group Berhad‘s principal business activities are in the styling, manufacturing, distribution and installation of leather upholstery for car seat covers, as well as, the supply of leather cut pieces to the automotive leather upholstery industry.

Our company is founded and managed by a team of leather goods manufacturers with over 25 years experience in leather craftsmanship. The founder's experience in contract manufacturing includes supplies to official licensees of internationally-renowned brands for small leather goods.

Our Company Name - Pecca

In the Italian language, the word "Pecca" means "imperfect". Our company's motto "Passion & Perfection" has been inspired by our passion to take something which is imperfect and craft it into a perfect work of art.

Our Success

Pecca's success in capturing both domestic and export markets has been built on our company's credo of insisting on the best leather, vigilant quality control and constant innovation.

The key milestone for our company has been the relocation of our new office cum manufacturing plant in year 2011. With a total working area of 110,000 square feet, Pecca Leather is now capable of producing up to 10,000 car seat covers per month. Our new facility are equipped with the state of the art machinery and houses all operating units under one roof. With expanded space and capacity, we are in the position to provide an even higher level of service to our esteemed clients in years to come.

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