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The information is retrieved from Annual Report 2023

Income statement Statement of Financial Position Cash flow

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Based on Closing Price on 23rd of July 2024
Closing Price RM 0.84
52-Week High2 RM 0.86
52-Week Low 2 RM 0.72
P/B Ratio 1,3
Current Price per Share / Historical Net Asset Value [NAV]
P/E Ratio 1,3
Current Price per Share / Historical Earnings per Share [EPS]

Fundamentals 2023 2022
Historical NAV
Total Shareholders’ Equity/ Issued Shares
RM 0.35 RM 0.39
Historical EPS RM 0.0208 RM 0.0274

Profitability Ratio 2023 2022
Return of Assets Employed [ROA]
Profit / Average of the opening and closing Total Assets Employed
2.75% 3.50%
Return on Equity [ROE]
Profit / Average of the opening and closing Total Shareholders' Equity
4.92% 6.02%

  Issued shares based on weighted averaged number of ordinary shares.

1 based on latest audited financials statements
2 based on unadjusted close price data.
3 based on closing price - Tuesday 23rd of July 2024.

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