The Board values constant dialogue and is committed to clear communication with unitholders and investors. In this respect, as part of Sunway REIT’s active investor relations programme, discussions and dialogues are held with fund managers, financial analysts, unitholders and the media to convey information about Sunway REIT’s performance, corporate strategy and other matters affecting unitholders’ interests.


    The Manager communicates information on Sunway REIT to unitholders and the investing community through announcements that are released to Bursa Securities via Bursa LINK. Such announcements include the quarterly results, material transactions and other developments relating to Sunway REIT requiring disclosure under the Listing Requirements of Bursa Securities. Communication channels with unitholders of Sunway REIT are also made accessible via:

    • Press and analysts’ briefings;
    • One-on-one/group meetings, conference calls, investor luncheons, domestic/overseas roadshows and conferences;
    • Annual reports;
    • Press Releases on major developments of Sunway REIT; and
    • Sunway REIT’s website at

    With the majority of units in Sunway REIT held by institutional investors, the Manager considers meetings with local and foreign fund managers an integral part of investor relations. These meetings and roadshows with investors enabled the Manager to update potential and current unitholders on Sunway REIT’s significant developments and its medium to long term strategies. Sunway REIT also participates in various local and overseas conferences as part of its efforts to build interest in the Malaysia’s real estate investment trust market.


    In addition to published Annual Report sent to all unitholders and quarterly results announced to Bursa Securities, Sunway REIT has established a website at from which investors and unitholders can access for information.


    The Manager is committed to providing equal access to accurate, clear and complete disclosure of all material information in relation to Sunway REIT in a timely manner, in order to keep unitholders and the investing public fully informed about Sunway REIT's operations and performance. In this regard, the Manager has in place a Corporate Disclosure Policy which outlines the Manager's approach towards the determination and dissemination of material information, the circumstances under which the confidentiality of information will be maintained, and restrictions on insider trading.


    While the Manager endeavours to provide as much information as possible to unitholders of Sunway REIT and stakeholders, it is mindful of the legal and regulatory framework governing the release of material and price-sensitive information.