Date Name of Firm Title
14 February 2020 TA Securities Stable Performance
2 November 2018 TA Securities Repositioned to Diversified REIT
10 August 2018 AllianceDBS Research FY18 performance hits the mark
10 August 2018 TA Securities Aiming for Stable DPU in FY19
7 February 2018 TA Securities No Surprises
1 November 2017 TA Securities A Strong 1Q18
11 August 2017 TA Securities Anticipating Stronger DPU Growth in FY18
4 August 2017 TA Securities Acquires Sunway Clio Property
4 May 2017 TA Securities DPU Guided to Ease FY17
22 February 2017 Alliance DBS Research Still Positive
15 February 2017 TA Securities Retail Assets Anchoring Performance
12 January 2017 TA Securities Adding Industrial Asset to its Portfolio
28 October 2016 To keep for FY17 Alliance DBS Research
28 October 2016 TA Securities Results Buoyed By Retail Assets
12 August 2016 Alliance DBS Research Performing well in a challenging environment
12 August 2016 TA Securities Expecting a Dip in FY17 DPU
28 June 2016 DBS Group . Equity Noteworthy prospects
21 June 2016 TA Securities Acquiring Land to Expand Sunway Carnival Shopping Mall
21 June 2016 Kenanga Acquisition of vacant land in Penang
28 April 2016 Alliance DBS Research Accretive stance
28 April 2016 TA Securities Stronger Performance from Retail and Hotel Assets
28 April 2016 JP Morgan Good performance despite a seasonally low period for hotel segment;
Maintain OW
28 April 2016 Hong Leong Investment Bank 9MFY16 Results
28 April 2016 UOBKayHian 3QFY16: Results in line
28 April 2016 Maybank IB Research 3QFY16: No surprises
18 Mac 2016 KAF Poised for growth, but limited upside
28 January 2016 Alliance DBS Research Sustainable growth
28 January 2016 TA Securities Anticipate Flattish DPU Growth in FY16
28 January 2016 CIMB A holiday season boost
30 October 2015 Alliance DBS Research Cautiously optimistict
29 October 2015 Alliance DBS Research Non-taxable DPU boost from IBA
30 October 2015 TA Securities Cautious Outlook
30 October 2015 RHB Decent to start FY16
12 August 2015 Alliance DBS Research New earnings stream in FY16
12 August 2015 TA Securities FY15 Results Driven by Retail Assets
30 July 2015 Alliance DBS Research Ongoing Asset Growth Story
30 April 2015 Alliance DBS Research Softer results, as expected
30 April 2015 TA Securities Decent Performance Anchored by Retail Assets
9 December 2014 Alliance DBS Research SPAs for two Sunway assets
9 December 2014 TA Securities Acquiring Two Assets from Sponsor
7 November 2014 TA Securities Strong Start to FY15
12 August 2014 Alliance DBS Research Higher rents to lift 2015 earnings
12 August 2014 TA Securities Earnings Per Unit Flat in FY14
30 April 2014 TA Securities Robust Earnings Growth Priced In
30 April 2014 Alliance DBS Research Resilient retail is the key
27 January 2014 Alliance DBS Research 2QFY14: Slightly better than expected
27 January 2014 TA Securities 1HFY14 Results Tracking Expectations
25 November 2013 Alliance DBS Research Short term pain, long term gain
30 October 2013 Alliance DBS Research 1QFY14: No let down
7 August 2013 Alliance DBS Research 4QFY13: Spot on
7 August 2013 TA Securities Earnings Lifted by Lower Interest Cost
4 July 2013 Alliance DBS Research Guaranteed rent for Sunway Putra Hotel adjusted
2 May 2013 Alliance DBS Research 3QFY13: Results inline
4 March 2013 Alliance DBS Research FY14 growth deterred by Sunway Putra Mall’s closure