Unitholders’ Meeting

We wish to inform you that the Unitholders’ Meeting of Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust (“Sunway REIT”) (“Unitholders’ Meeting”) will be held virtually through livestreaming and online remote voting from the broadcast venue on 15 June 2023.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the stability of your internet connectivity throughout the Unitholders’ Meeting as the quality of the live webcast and online remote voting are dependent on your internet bandwidth and stability of your internet connection.

NO UNITHOLDERS/PROXIES/CORPORATE REPRESENTATIVES/ATTORNEYS from the public shall be physically present nor admitted at the broadcast venue on the day of the Unitholders’ Meeting.


As part of our dedicated commitment to the sustainable practices, the following documents are made available as below:

  • Minutes of the Unitholders’ Meeting
  • Unitholder’s Meeting Presentation
  • Questions from Unitholders
  • Notice of Unitholders’ Meeting
  • Proxy Form
  • Administrative Notes for Unitholders’ Meeting
  • Circular to Unitholders
  • Request Form